Must have soccer training equipment set!

Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder Training Equipment Set

Challenge yourself and take your workouts to the next level with the Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder Training Equipment Set.

This agility ladder is a great tool for soccer training, you can try different soccer drills to train balance and coordination to stay in control of body movement, fluidity and agility to change direction quickly and effectively, acceleration to get past your opponent quickly, and endurance and stamina to be able to resist for a longer time.

This equipment is really for everyone, from athletes preparing for competition to people who want a training option even when it’s raining outside. With the convenient premium carry bag, these ladders can be taken and set up anywhere, and you can train on any type of surface whether it’s grass, pavement, or even a wood floor.

In addition to the agility ladder and 10 cones, the set includes three loop resistance bands- L/M/H for variety- and four metal hooks. Along with that, you get 2 sets of flexible cones that won’t break as easily when stepped on.

Running Speed Training 56″ Parachute with Adjustable Strap

Introducing the “Running Speed Training 56″ Parachute with Adjustable Strap”, an exciting training equipment capable of increasing your speed!

This device is designed specifically for use on running tracks. But it can be used by soccer players to get their legs in good shape and train acceleration and running speed, and it is very safe to control the intensity and speed of training according to your physical fitness.

Easy use right out of the package, the strap is adjustable, one size fits all. The high-quality nylon is sturdy enough to last through strength training activities. It is not only for beginners but advanced athletes as well.

Hands-Free Adjustable Solo Soccer Trainer

The Hands-Free Adjustable Solo Soccer Trainer can be used in any field to improve your game.

This trainer is great for shooting, passing, receiving, and juggling skills. Flexible enough for field players and goalies alike, it’s compatible with a variety of balls too and it comes in 5 colors!

In high demand among the growing number of young soccer stars today, this innovative designed solo soccer training tool can help anyone practice their moves – without being tethered to a teammate or a team.

It stretches up to 18 feet so gameplay is limitless, and all you need is an open space away from kicking kiddos! Improve your ball control skills while honing in on one of the most popular playstyles out there: individual playing.

Portable Soccer Goal Net Set

Everyone needs some time to drill and train on the go.

This portable goal net set is perfect for indoor and outdoor soccer, kids camps, team practices, neighborhood games – whatever your training regimen demands.

It comes with heavy-duty support steel stakes for quick setup and a durable carrying bag that doubles as a storage sack when closed. What better way to perfect your soccer skills than a product that is compact, collapsible, and lightweight.


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